choice 007. RxL Socks

TLW in Japan produces RL socks designed to give protection and freedom to your toes. The toe design for babies (Tabi) and for kids (Big toe RL) are patented in many countries such as Germany, Italy, U.S.A, and Japan. Baby socks are avairable in 4 colors and sizes of 9-10cm and 11-12cm (Baby-1: with silicon dot stoppers) also 13-15cm (Baby-2). Kids socks have extra toe space soft pile protection on the bottom to reduce shock and to make healthy arch shape. Kids socks are ankle-long providing more free movement, and are avairable in 5 colors and size 16-18cm, 19-21cm, and 22-24cm. RxL socks make ideal gifts for babies and kids. To view more patented products including adult items, please go to (in Japanese) .